Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I am Bradley Manning

The sentencing of Private First Class, Bradley Manning comes at a time when public and private skepticism of our institutional  ability to provide us with a peaceful civil environment is growing with transformative momentum. 

 Cries of awakened horror from across the Planet are calling for truly transparent and reliable courses of involvement, open to the individual so that we may all better provide for ourselves and our families as our daily needs for food, water and shelter and the promise of a secure space to face tomorrows challenges.
  Private Manning's contribution to the debate has raised the level of denial required to support the use of force to provide a lasting and meaningful peace. The killing that erased the passion of those individual souls that have been tragically lost in the horror of war has shockingly and vividly been revealed to the whole of humanity. 
   Now, We are to assemble the knowledge and the courage to release our grip on the weapons of destruction of our fathers and help our mothers long shrieking plea. Transform our civilization and use our strength and vision to embrace the recognition of our past travesties as we forgive our brothers for his and take the most informed and holistic approach to our shared need for a healthy loving environment.

  Thank you Bradley for your passion and sense of citizenship you bravely exposed as your soft underbelly, now with the dagger held there by your peers, a little more blunted by the truth and the tears.

Do more than imagine a sustainable future

   Let's promote local, regional, national and international awareness that we are all better off if all 7 billion and one of us have a dignified access to a gallon and a half of clean water 2000 nutritional calories and 200 ft.³ of secure living space. 
  Data driven studies will provide the areas of most need as well as reflect the causes and potential solutions to this imbalance. 
Properly observed and engineered, methodologies can be identified and supported for whatever changes our social and environmental climate unveil to us. 
   Save the date October 29 through the 31st. Talks at the Hey Adams, Washington DC

Monday, August 19, 2013

Forward Healing of our Past Mistakes

man and nature are disconnected
अर्तिच्ले उन्देर चोन्स्त्स्रुच्तिओन्
 चाल्लिन्ग फ़ोर् अ प्लनेतर्य इनितिअतिवे तो अदोप्त अ पोलिच्य तो एन्सुरे तहत अल्ल् सेवेन बिल्लिओन् अन्द् ओने ओफ़् उस थे दिग्निफ़िएद् अच्छेस्स तो ओने अन्द् गल्लोन्स ओफ़् वतेर्, त्वो थोउसन्द् नुत्रितिओनल् चल्लोरिएस् अन्द् त्वो हुन्द्रेद फ़ॆत् ओफ़्  स्पचे.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Approaching Certain Danger...

If we are certain to be face to face with life and death at any moment of existence

 important, the subtle and the most obvious of connectivity of our threats and our desires...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Taken Seriously

The knowing voice long silent
Only a shrill dulness
Rung from our soul
Pounding  heard from coffins 

New dead still roaming free

Take not arms against your brothers
Bear no malice, his sister, your wife
teach your daughters children,
learn, from the devil yourself

Old dead, whispering a plea

Stop the hand from striking
Time no longer ticks
Space is our shared union
Our fists, useless
jaws of sweet denial 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Invitation; Join the Debate in Washington DC

Debate of Life !
 It is in each individual's interest that every other individual have access to the basic requirements of sustaining life on this shared planet.
   As a citizen of the Earth, declare your most conscious efforts to work with others in establishing a global initiative to provide access to 7 billion and ONE of us the following minimums,

1.5 gallons daily fresh water
2,000 daily nutritional calories
200 cubic ft secure tenure

    Join us now on line to discuss this initiative. 
Please Keep the Date
October <27-31>, 2013...
Limited Space Available
Hay Adams Hotel, Washington D.C.
***alternate locations and off site participation encouraged.