Friday, July 30, 2010

It is possible to provide access to clean water, food and shelter to the global population

I do not say this without having consulted experts in various disciplines of
science and related industry.
I am not saying it will be easy. Many people will continue to suffer from lack of these essential elements of survival.
We can not change our course until we become aware of a new one. We are seeing development in material and manufacturing technologies that will revolutionize the way we view our involvement in the basic well being of our community.
As these discoveries are revealed there will as always be doubters and sceptic observers. There will also be those that resist change for personal fear of loss. We all are vested in the existing system of providing food water and shelter to the global population. There are statistics available and experts with credible information voicing their opinions all over the world.
This blog is my invitation to all of you to express your doubts, your support, your
fear, your hopes.
I will be traveling to as many university campuses as possible in the coming year and speaking about displaced population response methodologies past present and anticipated.

I believe that the worlds population can and will learn to coexist on planet Earth.
The challenges are becoming better defined and the social media is maturing, though often against it’s own will, in its ability to spread word of common threats to diverse populations resulting in coordinated response from a wide representation individuals, corporations, government and non government agencies. Traditional differences that were for centuries provocative enough to inspire brothers to kill brothers in the name of ________ ________,… fill in the blanks)(are now seen as minor variations of cultural perspectives.
In the past national borders were clearly defined
We are concerned with our own borders and our selective admission of aliens from other countries. The pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness becomes a race to consume. A material perspective when multiplied by the present and growing world population presents predictable exhaustion of any limited resource. The mood and cooperation of the citizenry is predictable as well. As we face problems of supply of essential provisions as food, water and shelter in greater numbers and the electronic media and social platforms are now effective to propose solutions for inspection by prospective partners.
  This is not an article on immigration but one on imagination. As we are all citizens of the same planet, boundaries become meaningless, subjective arguments of simple, outdated thinking.
Is it any wonder that we as individuals are frustrated with the bickering and the finger pointing that consumes our leaders?  We have been programmed by the 20th centuries identification with immediate gratification of our needs. We in the “developed world” have come to expect a smooth highway before us to travel to any location of our choice. We expect at the end of the smooth highway awaits a choice of hotels, entertainment to our liking, what ever our “taste”, or an off the road adventure with all the uncertainty offered by a dude ranch. If we wish to travel by air we expect affordable fares to multiple locations. We are not fond of waiting in lines and become frustrated with measures of security in place for our safety.
  The Industrial revolution, powered by the internal combustion engine is coming to an end. We are now experiencing the information revolution powered by the willingness of the collective understanding and compassion of informed citizens to face limitations imposed by our host, mother earth as defined by the sciences of our for fathers and imagined by our children.
The simplicity of design is essential in building a successful model of diverse collaborative energy required to implement multicultural change.
Food, water, shelter are components of power required to build a network of communication understandable to all living organisms.

Monday, July 26, 2010

please see TED.COM George Whitesides, on Simplicity

so much of my belief is that intentions are valid action of their own and too often we judge results and actions in a time based perspective.
In creating this blog I intend to give VOICE and eventually FUND the cooperative society of conscious and capable citizens of this planet resulting in a sustained minimum access to food, water and shelter all.

Friday, July 23, 2010

we all enjoy the waters edge

make friends, scratch a belly, enjoy each other

Okay I will admit that I have nothing to much to show of my claim that I have any influence in matters so lofty of feeding the hungry and cleaning the waters of the earth. As far as shelter I can speak with some experience. Engineering is also an area I would invite critical inspection of proposed methodologies in construction, energy and transportation. If you are an expert or have strong opinion on any element of societies actions that create a cooperative alliance of individuals that you believe could be scaled to practices of other societies I want to explore with you. Did I mention TED.COM? It is a great source of information. Some really bright people that have found a voice. I would love to go to a conference! I would love to speak about what I see as an emerging awareness shared by an unknowing majority.

global shelter project

Friday morning.
First thing was to read the news on
Russian and USA nukes seem to be falling from favor.
Oil spill in China nothing to compare to ours here at home.
Baseball bats selling for $150,000, homes for $25,000.
computers from India for $20 with power from the sun.
Polar ice caps melting pure water frozen eons ago.
children in Africa without a drop of fresh water in their lifetime.
Pipe lines around the world suppling oil to the consumer.
Can we build a pipe line for the melting ice water?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am new to blogging. I intend to use it to convey my ideas, hopes and plans in establishing an international movement dedicated to using the earths resources and emerging technology to assure access to food, water and shelter to the global population.

Thats the big picture. We will get to that.
Something a little simpler to start will be displaying my pottery.
It is inspired by GSP.

Failing is part of success

What do I have that you want?
I am happy.
Do you want some of that?
Do you have that?
What bliss when we share abundance,
Our cups are full,
Our children safe,
promise of tomorrow,
bread today

Who wants some?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

housing technology, food, water, shelter

Population growth and natural disasters are certain to place demands on the housing industry that current building methods are unable to meet. In fact there are currently over 1 billion persons living without adequate shelter.

It is difficult and in fact unwise to separate those without clean water and sufficient food from those without shelter as all three of these elements, food, water and shelter. are essential to sustaining life.

My belief is that we are capable of developing adequate, and in fact desirable housing for a fraction of the present cost of traditional construction. Further I am convinced that when we demonstrate our capability and commitment to provide rapid relief for these basic needs to those in dire circumstances the social capital attained will allow tremendous savings in security and when configured using wise urban design our various cultures will adapt not only to the new structures but thrive, attaining self sufficient status within an globally maturing society.

The exact nature of construction materials and manufacturing techniques are to be explored and debated in detail. There are several methods being proposed from the building material industry from which I came but I believe that we are destined to undergo revolutionary change as we develop new ways of addressing the cube, or housing envelope, as a single unit deliverable to serve as the robust building block for complex urban complexes.