Friday, October 28, 2011

Freedom to Occupy

As occupations continue to gain public support the shift away from blind consumerism is becoming a pending reality.
The scope of systematic change required to fulfill the dream of peaceful coexistence is imaginable, though yet still a dream.
Access to food, water and shelter for the global population is possible. It will require such a movement as we are experiencing world wide to demonstrate the will, the methods and the resources required.
If you are near an occupation don't just ignore it, join it, feed it or support it as your voice gains a platform of compassionate understanding and critical action.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Occupancy of our souls

The choice is ours. Each of us has frustrations. Each of us longs for meaning.
As the options for creating a world we believe will present us with honorable choices of love and compassionate action, seek truth.
Resist assigning blame.
Become part of the awakening.
Occupy your voice. Speak of your hopes. Speak of your fears. Share your dreams.
Occupancy is to vacancy, as love is to hate.
Hope, dream, stand for a compassionate planet

Smile and your neighbor will recognize himself and your miseries will melt.

Whenever you find yourself about to say, think, or write THEY,
Try inserting WE.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It seems that a compassionate discussion on human rights is underway.
Check it out, the world over people are assembling.
Take a look at what is happening near you!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Peddling to Wall Street"

This is a call of action!
Does anyone want to peddle a new economy of understanding and mindful action?
Do you enjoy nature and arobic exercise? Are you empathetic of others?
Do you value your contribution as much, or more as reward? Are you more afraid of not speaking than of not knowing how to say what you know to be true, and right, and just?

The streets of our planet are alive with people seeking answers.

"Peddle this to Wall Street", (that's what she said)
is my expression of support of informed discussion of issues that effect our shared concerns
Let's Ride!

An approach from abundance,
A return to intuitive wisdom for us as one.

Access to food, water and shelter in civil society.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Entitlements in politics and civil society

Access to Food, Water and Shelter is essential in an orderly civil society. Without this principal at the core of legislation any policy is due to fail in justly expending the societies inherited natural resources.
 At this juncture of corporate decision making and legislation of our collective resources we are confronted with some clear and urgent information. As information goes this is collecting in the urgent file again and again. Our individual awareness of the ecosystem that supports our existence is understandable by children and most adults but not understood entirely by the most learned and curious of us.
 The discussion at the Hay Adams is presented as a forum of compassionate understanding and resolve to respond without retaliation for any previous misunderstanding of our shared pasts.