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cash versus credit

 The difference between cash and credit is time. The impact of applying time in an equation has been to this point under valued by the consumers of western individualism.
 The general population is therefore subject to influence in all areas of their perception without their awareness.
 Complex and costly corrections are results of assumptions referred these days derivatives.
The cash that we deposited in accounts expecting growth and safe keeping have been leveraged by others who were for years trusted to manage our financial well being.
Blame for our struggles is cheap.
Credit for our recovery has not yet been derived.
I contend our "recovery" should NOT be measured by the COST of our homes, BUT to the VALUE of  mindful participation in our own lives, our families and community affairs in a global society.

As you assign your trust to others realize that your expectations are often influenced more and more by the glitter and not the gold. As you judge your choices of where to place your trust in managing the fruits of your labor, whatever your professional pursuit, where do place your trust?

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Event Upcoming

Art auction in New York City to benefit Global Housing Foundation... October 27th.

kick off party next month


Addressing Emergency Care with Sustainable Self Reliance in Mind

When we help our neighbors with communal chores we develop trust. Patience is then allowed for civil order to be organic in nature. This is self evident as is any simple truth.
 See George Whitesides on
So as we develop these new and wonderful ways of creating structures and habitat there will be lots of desire to cling to the ways of old... Not just from people we trust but from ourselves and those we fear will act to attack our approach to the water hole.

I would like to assure you that if you are of the opinion that others can never be relied upon to cooperate, and therefor can not be trusted that you are ill informed.

I would also like to say that I know many may not agree at this time... you may be convinced that force is the only answer. I would suggest that you come to a comfortable place of being and share some secure space with someone you love. take a walk in nature if you are able. For those of you that speak english and know others that don't please reprint anything from this blog you feel would bring comfort to someone in another language.  I hope you will discuss that with your friends and family and tell them of this place WHERE WE ARE ONE.

It would be helpful if someone would translate in the comment section of this blog in every language that its people may find interest in its content/intent. For the most part tell them that we are working on ways to use our discoveries in science to bring them food, water and shelter.
Ask your school if they support this use of knowledge to address the injustices of dualism in its self destructive form. If they believe it possible to meet the goal of providing basic needs to the global population we want to talk with them of their vision.
In their proposal it would understood to address their population at most risk first and how the resources currently vested would be compensated for their support during the transition period.
Individual rights would be guaranteed within the enforcement model of Human Rights in regard to land use and eminent domain. In other words, you would keep your rights, though your individual access may be shared when others paths to disaster avoidance is congruent.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

As we develop our mission it is important to invite all opinions to be heard.

While my vision is one of unity I realize there are special interests that we all are attached to in some way.
I have strived to detach from any particular way of accomplishing unity as I have explored my vision with people over the life of this project. I am often asked when was "my moment" that the approach I have adopted first occurred to me as the path to my happiness and life's work. While there were a few memorable events that acted as inspiration for this vision of simple trust in abundance, I can only say that the thought process that sustains my faith today has always been present, but for many years I was afraid to rely on it or display it as an integral part of my being... The voice in my head had been confused for most of my life by the many voices of what was disguised as reason.
I remember two phrases that describe what feelings conflicted within me during my decisions of selecting my path through the tapestries of choices created by the freedom I was so fortunate to be born into.
  "if i don't do it, someone else will"
 "do unto others as you would want them to do to you."

We will be operating internationally in collaboration with all existing efforts seen as strengthening the redundancy of our resolve.  For instance,
The United Nations, Local and National Governments, Industry Associations, Universities, Individual Volunteers, Non Governmental Organizations, you get the picture… your involved in one category of another… just the way I got it figured… If we are talking about access to everyone it includes you and your children… whether you r with them or not, kind’a neighborly like place to live, you will love the result if not the journey.
I invite you to enjoy this journey we find ourselves sharing...
Peace be with you... I honor you and welcome you to share the bounty I have found. It was here when I came to this place and others have shared it before me. As I share what I have I demand only one respect as you learn of your treasure from my bounty... 
Listen to the sound of stillness before you chose it as your constant companion, without life sustained by love, whatever that may cost you.
 We will come to understand that collectively mankind has over the course of our stewardship of this planet Earth in many ways restricted flow of sustenance to numerous living systems to the point of extinction. In many cases these systems either fuel our economies or other ways we strive to find pleasure in our existence. (It is difficult to separate our economy from ethical choices as our options are reduced in hiarcal reverse...)
 What will cause us as consumers to adopt a more sustainable model of behavior. GSP will sponsor credible plans to support said awareness and the needed tools to provide access secure tenure to those without while advancing literacy of a universal language responsible interdependent stewardship of the inheritance of those that will remember the wisdom of our decisions, as we counted our vested interest, it was in their interest as well. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

chaos is an interesting visit under some conditions...

When it comes to food water and shelter there are advantages to those things being guaranteed to the highest degree of certainty. When any one of these are removed, particularly from a large population, the degree of chaos rises in the community with a high degree of certainty.   

Sunday, August 15, 2010

we all enjoy the waters edge, with certain conditions of course

?The storm photo is credited to a discrete snap of a photo i wish to credit. I believe it to have been taken in over 50 years ago... If you claim ownership of rights to this photo and wish it removed please express this to me. If you however wish to allow me to continue to use it as a visual expression of the beauty of life on the edge of reason I would like to thank you for its use by some method of recognition of your .

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abundance is a natural state of the nature of life.
when our emotions attach to time bound fears we stiffen the flow of abundance 

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love and affection are simple acts of a trusting life, animals get it, will we?

Please look at the link below if you would like a simple pleasure...

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awareness and determination of action link

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First Time Visitors

Thank you for taking the time to visit!
The complexity food, water and shelter being available to the global population is the issue here in the blog.
Those that say it is hopeless are not to be trusted.
My focus started in housing.
It wasn't long after 911.  The certainty of anything, of everything had come into question.
Long story short... well not so fast...
The bottom line is that when we develop housing technology, and we will, to the point we are able to increase the performance of the product,  decrease it cost and time of construction, we will experience a trans formative social and economic shift from the industrial age to the next...

Its not that simple,  (see george whitesides, simplicity.)
 I know but we have to start with simple knowledge to expect pr
edictable results...

As this site matures I will try to keep it interesting and inspiring. The best way to interest people is to let them speak, so please speak up. Leave a comment, share it with a friend, all your friends.
Politics, Religion, Race, Nationalism, Sex, Philosophy, Engineering, what is your view about food water and shelter being available to all.

We, the people alive on the plant today starting with you and I, are challenged with global transformation of how we market and consume our limited resources. Our awareness and  collective action will determine what condition we leave this planet and the mood of our communities...