Sunday, August 1, 2010

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The complexity food, water and shelter being available to the global population is the issue here in the blog.
Those that say it is hopeless are not to be trusted.
My focus started in housing.
It wasn't long after 911.  The certainty of anything, of everything had come into question.
Long story short... well not so fast...
The bottom line is that when we develop housing technology, and we will, to the point we are able to increase the performance of the product,  decrease it cost and time of construction, we will experience a trans formative social and economic shift from the industrial age to the next...

Its not that simple,  (see george whitesides, simplicity.)
 I know but we have to start with simple knowledge to expect pr
edictable results...

As this site matures I will try to keep it interesting and inspiring. The best way to interest people is to let them speak, so please speak up. Leave a comment, share it with a friend, all your friends.
Politics, Religion, Race, Nationalism, Sex, Philosophy, Engineering, what is your view about food water and shelter being available to all.

We, the people alive on the plant today starting with you and I, are challenged with global transformation of how we market and consume our limited resources. Our awareness and  collective action will determine what condition we leave this planet and the mood of our communities...


  1. Whatever happened to short and to the point, what are you actually saying?

  2. "Design can be art.
    Design can be aesthetics.
    Design is so simple, that's why
    it is so complicated."
    Paul Rand

  3. tie that too TED.COM presentation by Dr. George Whitesides on Simplicity.
    food water and shelter are fairly simple things to solve.
    It is the systems in place that constrict the flow.
    As technology permits us to understand we are stepping on the hose we will adjust our stance.
    is that more clear?

  4. When we provide food water and shelter to our neighbors it fosters goodwill and understanding.
    this leads to civil order.
    the restriction of these basic requirements of life leads to civil unrest, disease, and death.
    We, the global relief industry, spends billions each year, much of which is wasted.
    Keep the equation simple and you can get predictable results.
    The work that we will be doing will be carried out by teams of graduate students at collaborating universities represented by a wide variety of contributing industry, governmental and non government agencies.
    But first we need the simple building blocks, enter Dr Binienda, Engineers without Borders, and others, and the design to arrange them in such a way, enter USF, EU, to allow the flow of food, water and shelter to the people most in need.
    while it is complicated to explain simplicity it is most widely understood to be unexplainable in its most elegant presentation.
    food, water and shelter,
    those with, help those with out,
    If your stepping on the hose and you know it...
    stomp you feet...
    somewhere else
    if you happy and you know it... share your smile,, its that simple

  5. so, what you are saying is, design the streamlined, affordable building blocks, provide a conduit,direct it toward those less fortunate, (KISS), and the rest will sort itself out? No more FEMA trailers rotting in the sun?

  6. more or less yes. The building block or housing envelope as the engineers call it is a common denominator in the equation of world peace. How it fits in each of our lives is a little different.
    Same with water and food. But when we have these things we are more likely to agree on the differences that exist.

  7. i think i can get rid of detailed thinking enough to understand this concept, it perhaps is the Be/Do/Have paradigm. Be a thing, Do what it takes to bring it about, Have the result.
    Or....deciding ahead of time what you choose to be produces that in your experience, to quote Neale Walsch. ok enough for today, good to see this blog develop..good luck!

  8. Charles have you heard of this book about the World Bank and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) about how they sponsor building Projects in other countries all over the world, interesting read-

  9. Regardless of what weight one puts on the validity or the influence of corporate and national interest in order to choose wisely moving forward

  10. their influence should be harnessed and put to use in providing access to food, water and shelter to the global population. With this as constant an educated and self sustaining consumer base can be developed. With input from various disciplined action will prove profitable of commerce with greater civil order and personal happiness.
    Yes the book exposes gross tragedy and crime against humanity accepted though covert.
    Now is the time to let awareness reign supreme.
    let your voice be heard

  11. Bringing awareness to others about the need for food, shelter, and clean water for all people everywhere is essential to creating a change in consciousness. I believe we have to start wherever we are, but it is imperative that we educate our children in ways that really foster that awareness. I believe that as part of their education, our children should be required to visit a third world country, a place that has recently been devastated by natural disaster, and have a requirement for volunteer work preparation. In elementary school, they would do the voluneer work, in middle school they would visit the third world country (and continue volunteer prep), and in high school they would visit a devastated area,which would depend on what Mother Nature was up to that year(all volunteer work would be voluntary in high school, students could set up their own organizations for helping).
    I don't think we can teach the lessons necessary in a classroom alone. We must expose children to what is real and to the hope that they can be part of real compassionate change to create a better world for everyone everywhere.
    Sidhartha had to leave the castle to understand suffering, to know he was a part of it, and to know he had to find a way to make it stop. If we really cared about educating our children, and it wasn't all about politics and litigation and the almighty dollar, we would teach our children what they need to know to live in harmony with each other and our Mother, so we don't continue the proverbial nose dive into oblivios ignorance. Unfortunately, our educational system is so inundated with fear of litigation, misguided testing systems, etc etc.the list is long... it is not simple, yet... it is so simple.
    I have a poster in my classroom of an American Indian looking all thoughtful..looking out to somewhere far away, and it says..."Let us put our heads together, and figure out what to teach our children".
    Problem seems to be that the heads that are in control, have no eyes or ears. Let's find ways to help our children see and hear and know that they can be part of a positive change.Let's take them outside the castle, and help them know compassion and our interconnectedness. amen...namaste' on.

  12. namaste' to you too bonniecucchi:)
    crazy pipe dreams right?.. i know:)
    fun to dream, but it kind of gives me a headache when i think about what (if it were even feasible in our litigational society), it would take to make such a thing happen (the traveling part), even if it were just ONE school ... and not the WHOLE of American children..what it would take , to me, are the things that beaurocratic nightmares are made of, but it's still what i think SHOULD be..if i ran the world..:)lol
    "We can do no great things, only small things
    with great love" mother teresa ..but it doesn't hurt anything to put the idea out there.. never know. Om shanti shanti

  13. if there is a thread of connection that could be meditated upon it might be that music be born that link us to a new awareness. i do not hear a marvin gaye asking what's going on. i do not hear the voice of this generation that is living with incessant war. somehow everyone has gone to their corners. kids today may listen to classic rock or the protest music of the 60's but do they know the emotions that brought it forth? what moves those bombarded by so much sensation that a melting glacier is passe'? starving children a TV ad? the music of today.....where are the poets? a bob dillon? crosby stills nash and young? who is saying anything profound? the technology is outstanding, brilliant in fact. the make up, the outrageous video astounding. but where are the poets that link it to tone and sound and emotion that move an unmoved populace? words can only do so much not linked with a much earlier language, that of tone that stirs the heart. i have listened for this music. i am convinced it has not been born yet, but it could come if we call it forth.

  14. Many of my students live in a world six blocks long, and when they aren't, they are living in their home away from home...a jail cell. The music they listen to is only a reflection of the society in which they sad is that? The
    songs are often about hopelessness and survival, and/or the places they find their pleasure. The war zone that our kids live in has been created in a "Lord of the Flies " kind of fashion. The children are raising the children, and they base all their choices on fear. They are babies with guns... no different that the war torn countries who place guns in their babies hands and teach them to kill. It's just a lot more subtle here. You know the picture on the home page ? It symbolizes the reason we do not hear the music of change and revolution, they.. we.. have become numb to the constant bombardment of negative, fear inducing news... if news is what you want to call it.. more like entertainment when a news channel has to 'advertise' the news. It's like a neverending loop of horror stories.. the uglier the better the ratings.. i guess. i can't watch it anymore. I know there are some artists who are singing the words of change and truth, but they are far and few between, not like our day , when everyone was singing them, and so they are not being heard or recognized. They are drowned out by the songs that degrade women, encourage violence and hatred, and the priorities in life are purely materialistic. It is a mess. I do not know the answer. I can only continue to practice loving kindness, and hope they decide to do the same . I can only open discussions of the topics that matter, however the answers i get, and the statements they make often perpetuate my not knowing what to do to change it... like MT said," we can do no great things, only small things with great love"... Meditation is the key...ommmmmmmmm

  15. "all along along, there were incidents and accidents, hints and allegations.." Paul Simon, You Can Call Me Al......
    we see the hints and allegations. the angels in the architecture. maybe inside is the main place we can go to connect and keep trying to do our small things with what we find there. it is good you are there for those kids, anonymous.

  16. thank you for you kind and thoughtful words bonniecucchi, it is good that you are here to say that to me :)namaste'

  17. "we are stardust, we are golden, and we have to get ourselves back to the garden".....Crosby Stills and Nash

  18. "Come senators, congressmen
    Please heed the call
    Don’t stand in the doorway
    Don’t block up the hall
    For he that gets hurt
    Will be he who has stalled
    There’s a battle outside and it is ragin’
    It’ll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls
    For the times they are a-changin’"
    bob dylan

    Om shanti shanti